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Bonds 101.. New Investor’s Guide to investment in bonds

edited February 10 in Off-Topic


  • Thanks for posting this johnN. It's hard to tell if the advice is sound because the language is so peculiar.

    After a while I worked out that "you’ll marvel wherever you must begin" probably means "you'll wonder where to begin", and " a way to invest fettered" might possibly mean "How to invest in bonds". However "area unit" remains a mystery. It seems to mean "are" but I can't guess how the writer arrived at that.

    Never mind the paragraphs with no periods or commas. This article reads as if it was translated into English from the original Finnish using a Finnish to Tamil dictionary and then translating from Tamil to English. Or maybe written by someone from another planet.

    For instance:

    "If you’ve got ever puzzled what bonds area unit, however bonds work, and why you may think about investment fettered, this summary was written for you. it’s a short introduction to the globe of bond investment and might assist you perceive however bonds area unit created and why thereforeme individuals area unit so obsessed with investment in them. begin learning concerning bond investment …

    03 : a way to Invest fettered

    If you’re able to add bonds to your portfolio, you’ll marvel wherever you must begin. This summary breaks down the various categories of bonds which may attractiveness to you – savings bonds, bond funds, junk bonds, municipal bonds – and offers you a jumping off purpose for deed your own assortment to get interest financial gain."

  • @davidrmoran,

    That wouldn’t be Pig Latin would it?
  • edited February 11
    “As a brand new capitalist, one in all the ideas you are possible to listen to concerning usually is “liquidity”. This term is a crucial one and if you are taking the time to know why it is important, it will build or price you a great deal of cash. this is often very true if you invest fettered ...”

    Maria Butina moonlighting as a financial journalist while awaiting trial?
  • Perhaps it’s an AI-written article. If it’s not here already, it’s coming.
  • Reminds me of my first Toyota repair guide, ca. 1974.
  • Their article on top ten business ideas is equally indecipherable. The sentence structure definitely indicates that it was written by a Finnish (Suomi) speaker who lives in the suburbs of Turku!
  • sorry...after reading article more carefully, worthless...
  • edited February 11
    @JohnN, I’ve linked worse. Don’t feel bad. Gave us a good chuckle.
    Just hope one of your fund managers didn’t author that.
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