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Jonathan Clement's Blog: Hole-In-One

FYI: ( The Linkster has had two.)

HAVE YOU EVER played a round of golf? If so, how many holes-in-one do you have? I’ve been playing since age four and have yet to make one. Even the best players in the world know how difficult it is to make a tiny ball go into a 4¼-inch hole that’s 200 yards away.

I got close once. It was a windier than normal day in Iowa, when I hit my first shot on a par three. It went left into the tall weeds. I let my college teammates know I was taking a penalty, and I replayed the shot. This time, the ball was struck perfectly, landed in front of the hole and hopped in. Because of the penalty, I couldn’t count it as a hole-in-one.

What if you could change the game a little? Suppose that, instead of hitting one shot at a time, you could hit thousands simultaneously. Now, your odds of hitting a hole-in-one start to look far better.
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