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3 More Outstanding Funds For Dividend Investors

FYI: (This is a follow-up article.)

The Barron’s Income column has focused recently on the top-performing dividend funds over the past five years. It’s a way to get sense of which strategies and stocks have worked for equity income investing.

The first installment focused on the five top-performing ETFs over the past half-decade. The second featured the top five actively managed funds.

Continuing that theme, these are three more actively managed dividend-focused funds from the next tier of top performers: The Vanguard Dividend Growth (ticker: VDIGX), which is closed to new investors; the Bishop Street Dividend Value (BSLIX), and the Madison Dividend Income (BHBFX).


  • There's nothing 'outstanding' or special about the 2 non-Vanguard funds. At the very least their ERs (just over and just under 1.0 on very small AUM) are horrible and to be avoided by sane investors.

    Must be a slow day at Barrons today.....
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