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  • msf March 2019
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A Morningstar Walk-back?

Earlier today, Morningstar posted a commentary titled along the lines "ESG Funds That Don't Walk the Walk." But despite several tries, the link consistently failed. Of course, I'm a long way from anywhere at the moment. Now the posting itself has been removed.

But Corporate Governance (CLEARLY an advocacy site) posted the following:
New Morningstar research – published for Morningstar Direct users – uses Morningstar’s Fund Votes database to examine how ESG funds voted during the 2018 proxy season on climate-related shareholder resolutions. The research reveals a striking difference in voting patterns from funds sponsors by ESG-specialists vs. ESG funds from more traditional, non-ESG fund companies.
A huge positive is that more funds are starting to “get” the importance of ESG, not only as a screening tool for investing but also in casting proxy votes. Morningstar research found votes cast by the largest asset managers across all funds shows a year-on-year increase in support for all climate resolutions voted since 2016.

I have a plausible, alternate (non-hypocrisy) explanation, but, whatever.


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