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M*: What You Can Learn From Your 2018 Tax Return

FYI: I know several CPAs who are closing in on retirement and they’re all saying the same thing: Thanks to the new tax laws that went into effect last year, the just-ended tax season was a doozy. Although many fewer taxpayers are expected to itemize their deductions under the new tax regime, tax preparers still had to run the numbers to compare deductions eligible for itemization with the new, higher standard deduction.

There’s also the form itself: While the 1040 form itself has fewer lines, many of the line items on the old 1040 have been scattered across six new schedules. Having spent some time with the new form, I'm unconvinced this is an improvement.


  • HTF is this a "Fund Discussion"?
  • @VF:
    "This line shows the dividends you received last year; those that count as qualified--meaning that they're subject to the more-favorable qualified dividend tax treatment--are in Box 3a and ordinary dividends are in 3b. As with taxable interest above, take a hard look at any investments, such as REITs, that are paying nonqualified dividends that you're being taxed on; those investments are better housed in a tax-sheltered account such as an IRA, if possible. In a similar vein, some of your dividend-focused mutual funds may hold investment types like convertibles and preferred stocks to boost their income; income from those securities doesn't typically qualify for the favorable qualified-dividend treatment."

    I guess this would be considered okay as words Mutual Funds are mentioned.

    Have a nice week, Derf
  • @MFO Members: Please forgive VF, he forgot to take his medications this morning.
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