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M*: 5 Nominees For Outstanding Portfolio Manager

FYI: Today, Morningstar revealed the nominees for the Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence--Outstanding Portfolio Manager. Morningstar analysts nominated five candidates for the award across equity, fixed-income, and multi-asset categories. The winner will be announced during the Morningstar Investment Conference in May 2019.


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    Thanks @Ted -

    Guess we need something fresh to discuss here. I’m not a fan of the “star” approach to picking funds. Prefer the stodgy team-managed style of D&C. Actually, T. Rowe is more af a team managed firm than their two M* nominations might lead us to believe. Indeed, those target date funds wouldn’t have performed so well except for the underlying T. Rowe funds they hold. Seems to me that your slightly higher fees with Price do get you something in return. They appear more willing than many to invest in top talent and to provide the necessary research and support staff to keep their funds and managers well positioned.

    And Dan Fuss? What can you say? Long tenure in fixed income investing. Honestly - I didn’t realize he was still around. Good for him.
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