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Anyone using Habor High Yield (HYFAX)?

Thoughts on Harbor and this fund in particular? Seems a bit middling, but I'm thinking of XFERing a couple of funds to Harbor and one of them would be Artio Global High Yield (BJBHX) for HYFAX. My inclination is to stick with Artio, but I'm interested in others thoughts or experiences with HYFAX.


  • I have a very small amount in BJBHX. I like it as it is a global high yield fund and keep the duration rather short. Those attributes are appealing to me.

    I think Harbor High Yield is a clone of a PIMCO fund but I may be wrong.
  • The Harbor High-Yield Bond Fund is subadvised by Shenkman Capital Management, Inc. The Fund invests primarily in below investment-grade bonds of U.S. corporate issuers. The portfolio manager selects securities issued by companies that generally exhibit or are believed to have the potential for positive credit momentum and credit rating upgrade. Seeking to maximize return and minimize risk.

    Managed by:
    Mark Shenkman (Started: Dec 2, 2002)
    Mark Flanagan (Started: Dec 2, 2002)
    Frank Whitley (Started: Dec 2, 2002)

    It is not a clone of PIMCO
  • M* lists it as low risk and average return.

    I don't own the fund and don't follow it closely. I just knew it wasn't a PIMCO clone. It seems to lag the category during bull markets but holds up better during down markets.
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