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good morning - midyear check

edited June 12 in The Bullpen

For our household [didnot have time to break down percentage because several accounts]
largest midyear holdings

vanguard index vti & vanguard total stock market
vwo & eem
vanguard star vgstx
vanguard primecap vccp
vanguard total bond market bnd & lsbrx

largest private stock

largest private corp bond - darden restaurant - 237194AM73

Still ~ 80/20 distributions in 401k and maximizing sep-ira [similar distributions in sep-ira and 401k at work]

economy is still very good in my opinion. If Trade-war w/ China ease down we may have better smooth sailings ahead of us. We probably would not change much, can settle for ~ 2 or 3 more recessions before retirement but we will see. May change distributions in 17-20 yrs to 60-40

What are some of your largest holdings of midyear/thoughts going forward...

thankyou for any suggestions
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