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This S&P 500 Sector Is Having Its Best Month In About 4 Years, Trouncing Tech Stocks: (XLB)

FYI: Quick — what’s the best performing sector in the S&P 500 so far in June? No, it isn’t the highflying information technology sector — that’s second best.

The materials sector is by far having the best month of any of the 11 sectors in S&P 500 groups, up 9.5% in the June to date, according to FactSet data, as of Wednesday afternoon trade (see charted attached).

M* Snapshot XLB:


  • edited June 12
    S&P sectors....okay.
    Guess its how one identifies a sector.

    Materials sector, XLB is 14.8% YTD. XLK, IT sector is +23.8 or so, YTD.

    Tech. broad based is doing fine.
    FTEC, Fidelity Tech. is +24.2% YTD.

    Don't believe June really matters all that much, eh?; in the grand scheme.
  • @ MFO Members: The above posted, as punishment, should write the names of the S&P Sectors on the blackboard one thousand times. They are !!!!
  • Maybe best to buy all of 'em each sector in reasonable amt fwiw
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