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U.S. Long-Bond Yield Nears All-Time Low As Global Anxiety Grows

FYI: (CNBC reported just before yesterday's close that 24 Dow stocks now had a higher yield than the 30-Year Treasury.)

The rate on 30-year Treasury bonds approached an all-time low and a closely monitored section of the U.S. yield curve hurtled closer to inversion as investors sought shelter amid a fraught geopolitical backdrop.

The yield on the long bond tumbled as much as 14 basis points on Monday to close in on its record-low of 2.0882% from July 2016. The 10-year note fell 10 basis points to 1.65%, and at one point was just 5 basis points more than two-year notes. That’s the flattest that part of the curve has been since 2007.
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