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We are in the middle of the great American department store shakeout—and there’s no stopping it

edited August 14 in Off-Topic

We are in the middle of the great American department store shakeout—and there’s no stopping it


  • edited August 14
    Maybe this article mentions it, but Macy’s has been bleeding and just announced disappointing sales.
    Very sad. But I marvel at the expense it must take to keep a store like that open: Shelves stocked and immaculately clean of dust (takes frequent work to keep stuff looking bright). Than there’s breakage, theft, heat, AC, lights, liability insurance, etc. etc.

    I’m an Amazon frequenter. But service has deteriorated. If you can’t figure out an issue on your own when navigating their site and maintaining your account, calling or emailing them is usually a lost cause. I found myself screaming “I’m a college graduate. Masters Degree!” when complaining the other day that when logging in with a new device they throw up a string of scrambled letters I’m supposed to type in to get into my account. Some kind of security measure. Tried 15 times and couldn’t copy the frickin letters to their liking.

    And it’s really hard buying clothing from them. I send more items back than I keep. Some name brand items are pretty decent. But you’re just as likely to receive junk when looking for clothing items. I suppose that with VR some day, we’ll be able to try the items on at home before ordering.:)
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    plus all the 'shootin' going one many people may get scare and stay at home shopper at least for short terms

    maybe good to look at/own AMZN and WMT both have great online selections
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