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Vanguard Dividend Growth Reopens. Enter at Will.

Vanguard Dividend Growth Reopens. Enter at Will.

Why you should consider investing in this terrific fund now.


  • Been hoping it would reopen for ages!! Now it's my 3rd largest position, behind PMEGX & PTTRX.
  • @MFO Members: VDIGX is ranked #1 in the LCB Fund Category by U.S. News & World Report
  • Did VG supply a closing date ?
  • Vanguard never gives closing dates. It announces that a fund is closing when it closes the fund.
  • @MFO Members: The fund had been closed since July 2916 to protect the interests of existing shareholders by reducing cash flow after a period of rapid growth. Cash flow has subsequently subsided and market conditions have changed since the fund’s closing.
    Source Vanguard Website:

  • I have held VIG for several years during which time it has out performed VIGDX. What is the big deal about the OEF when the ETF is available? One pundit claims the OEF is actively managed and the ETF is a slavish index fund; seems to me the superiority of the latter is obvious.
  • @BenWP thanks for bringing up VIG. I had totally forgot about that fund as an option. I'm include it my evaluation of funds for the more conservative part of my equity portfolio. Looking at PRDGX, PRBLX, FAMEX, SPLV, and now VIG. Please let me know if you have suggestions on any other funds.
  • @MikeW: while I might not buy it today, I do have a hefty slice of BRUFX, an allocation fund that makes a large distribution annually. It hasn’t kept up in the last three years but I’m hanging on to the low-cost shares in the interest of avoiding CG taxes. It’s a bit quirky, might have a succession problem, and cannot be purchased from or transferred to a brokerage platform.
  • Thanks @BenWP. What are your current thoughts on CAPE?

  • I own both DSENX and CAPE, but I use them differently. The MF is a buy-and-hold in both taxable and Roth accounts our family has. As @davidmoran has pointed out elsewhere, the monthly MF distributions serve to buy more shares regardless of the market's level. CAPE, the ETN, I use as a short to medium term position. My current position represents three buys during the last two weeks' volatility. I don't know how long I might keep this position.
  • Thanks @BenWP. I've got to do some serious research on DSENX. I know that you, @davidmoran, and others really like this fund. I'll search for some of the previous threads.
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