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Mining The Short Side: (BIVRX) + David Snowball's & Andrew Foster's Interview With Chuck Jaffe

FYI: (For those of you who missed this in David's September Commentary.)

Ali Motamed, manager of the Invenomic Fund, doesn’t fear market downturns. In fact, he seems to relish them.

M* Snapshot BIVRX:

David Snowball's Interview With Chuck Jaffe:

Andrew Foster's Interview With Chuck Jaffe:


  • edited September 2019
    Wonder whether very many funds recently have had >3% jumps on modest up days, much less more than one.
  • edited September 2019
    @davidrmoran I have a feeling that's a mistake of some sort. Actually, never mind, I just realized that is share change not price change I'm looking at on the portfolio page. Maybe you're right, but the jump is unusual. It's mysterious.
  • edited September 2019
    just go to M* and look at the cagr graph for a month

    or fido; hoping this 1-month image is viewable by you

    anyway, fido thinks it's real and has logged the $ increase, so presumably if I were to bail out of it I would get that amount, a significant gain

    have you ever shorted or dealt w shorting funds? this is quite what happens sometimes ... rarely ... almost never ... usually the opposite :(
  • edited September 2019
    I have experience with short funds, but the strange thing here is Invenomic and Boston Partners aren't known for concentrated short positions that would drive such a big gain especially on a day like today when the market barely budged. I believe his individual short positions are rather modest, although cumulatively they are significant. So one individual big short win can't really explain it I think. It's odd. My best guess would be something to do with options, futures or derivatives of some sort where a small position can have a big impact on a good or bad day for that position.
  • if his slope remains like this (which it won't) he will get some press for sure

    you know jwaggoner?
  • Sure, I know Waggoner, not personally, but his work.
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