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Ping Investor and/or Chip - something to try on your browser

edited December 2011 in Technical Questions
Both of you mentioned your browsers didn't display the discussions wide enough in your browsers that had a large viewport.

Goto to the discussions web page under wordpress (
Cut and Paste this code in the javascript console in chrome or whatever browser you have that has a console.
You can modify the width etc to experiment to see what you like and maybe the code can be changed in wordpress or vanilla based on your experimentation. I hi-lighted the container in green. It should persist through out your visit. I don't know what implications it will have viewing the other parts of the site. Change the number 1200 below to your optimal width.

Reload your page when you tire of viewing this way.

Uncomment the alert - if you want to see your viewport size.

// alert('Window width: ' + jQuery(window).width())

$("#container").mouseover(function () {
$("#content").mouseover(function () {
$("div#main").mouseover(function () {

- chip, - changing max-width to a 80% or getting rid of it might help

get rid of max-width in styles.css in vanilla dashboard design
ul.Discussions div.ItemContent a.Title {
/* max-width: 580px; */


  • bump (the recycled discussion)
  • Changing the width of the container really doesn't make much difference to me. The discussion titles still line break at basically the same point, so I don't gain much vertical real estate by stretching horizontally. There might be some changes we could make in the embedVanilla styles that would allow that to stretch more as well as possibly using a slightly smaller font for the discussion titles.
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