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FYI: Camera sales are continuing to falling off a cliff. The latest data from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) shows them in a swoon befitting a Bollywood roadside Romeo. All four big camera brands — Sony, Fuji, Canon, and Nikon — are reposting rapid declines. And it is not just the point and shoot cameras whose sales are collapsing. We also see sales of higher-end DSLR cameras stall. And — wait for it — even mirrorless cameras, which were supposed to be a panacea for all that ails the camera business, are heading south.


  • Thx for Android tech most gave >12 megapix or above no need to spend 500s on new cameras u unless you are a professional
  • It's been so long that I can't remember. What did people do to capture important life moments before digital came along, draw pictures? Seems like there should be a catchy phrase like, say, capture that "digital camera moment" or capture that "cell phone moment" (from a 40 year x-Kodak employee:) )
  • @MikeM, it seems like you've anticipated the question: "Do you remember?"

    @JohnN - it's not the camera, it's the sensor size and the glass (along with the rest of the optics).,review-1974.html
    As far as cost goes, aside from some first rate basic prime lenses, it's hard to get even "budget" decent quality lenses for much under $500. We've got a couple of the lenses mentioned in the article below. Image quality is apparent, both in what we bought and what we gave up by not buying much better (and far heavier) lenses.
  • I use my cellphone to take a lot of pictures but I always reach for my Nikon SLR when I want the picture just right, especially closeups. I also would still be shooting with film if I thought my pictures were pro worthy.
  • for closeups (not toooo close) smartphones really shine

    it is distance work (coyote in the far field, soccer kids at the other goal) where they go grainy
  • edited September 2019
    Right.. android/iPhone also eliminate many other previous (now near obsolete) - table alarms, radio/audio players, cars keys.

    Desktop computers - you also don't see n as my of these in your homes anymore

  • Thanks @msf. Another Kodak moment.
  • I am very happy with the travel photos I take on my iPad (recent smaller format that easily fits in a murse. @davidmoran is right about wildlife pics. I have a pretty unsatisfactory image of a leopard in India, a rare sighting in a national park. OTOH, I would have had to carry a monster camera in a cramped, cold, jouncing Jeep for three 4-hour safaris to possibly be ready to shoot at it for a total of 30 seconds. Animals don't preen as if on a runway for photo ops. I pity the tourists I see laden with camera gear.
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