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Josh Brown & Michael Batnick: Banks Can’t Forecast Interest Rates Either: Video Presentation

FYI: Welcome to the latest edition of What Are Your Thoughts – Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown break down the biggest topics of the moment.

On this episode:

* Get your story straight – are there too many IPOs coming out this year or not enough? 2019 is on pace to see the most capital raised by initial public offerings in a year since 2000, and possibly even break the record. The number of companies coming public is on pace to match or exceed prior records as well. So this is….good news?

* Twitter’s new app update has a “trailer” feature, previewing the next people who are about to show up on your timeline. Was this a solution in search of a problem? Does anyone actually need this?

* The bond market has delivered big gains for investors this year. One year ago, the CEO of JPMorgan was concerned that 10-year treasury yields could soar to 5%. Today they’re half that level and have gone in the exact opposite direction. And now he’s talking about preparing the bank for zero percent interest rates. If Jamie Dimon doesn’t know where yields are headed, why would any investor or financial advisor think their forecast would be better?

* There are four NFL teams with 0-4 records, the Bengals, Redskins, Dolphins and Jets. Season over? Any point to keep watching?

* Josh has a mea culpa. Amazon Prime does have some shows worth watching. In particular, ‘The Boys’ was a great first season. Michael recommends ‘Catastrophe’ next. Let us know below what else Josh should be watching on there.

* So it looks as though we’re getting another rate cut this month. Does this qualify as a “rate cut cycle”? Will a rate cut even help at this point? Are insurance cuts worth doing with unemployment at all time lows and the stock market at all time highs?

* What is to become of your local sporting goods store? Will any survive besides Dick’s?

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