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Chuck Jaffe's Money Life Show: Guest: Bernie Horn, Manager, Polaris Global Value Fund: (PGVFX)

FYI:(Slide mouse to 37:20 minutes for Bernie Horn interview.)

Bernie Horn, portfolio manager at Polaris Global Value, says that while the U.S. stocks have sharply outperformed international stocks since the financial crisis of 2008, the situation has now gotten to where foreign valuations are increasingly attractive, and he noted that if you can find the right valuations in businesses that are able to grow cash-flow over time, the stock should ultimately pay off no matter where in the world it is based. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of makes an actively managed municipal bond fund his ETF of the Week, Pat Rowan of TIAA discusses Americans' confidence in retirement, and Craig Curlop of talks about his new book on 'house-hacking,' a strategy where you buy multi-unit properties, live in one unit and rent the others, uing the rent to pay your mortgage and effectively letting you live without having to make a monthly housing payment of your own.

M* Snapshot PGVFX:


  • Value-oriented foreign funds have been lagging for a number of years and Bernie Horn's funds are no exception. I follow and watch, and have difficult to find solid compelling reasons to invest with him (and his team).
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