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Where do I sign up for premium membership ?

Maybe I am getting too old -- but--
I can not find sign up on the site . I'll pay by Visa or check --- please advise


  • Hi @ Ralph
    Nope, not too old; but some digging around is needed.
    The link below (PREMIUM) should take you to the sign-up page for Premium membership.
    I do read in the statement that membership is $100, this is NOW $120.

    I will tag @David_Snowball in this, so that he may confirm the link and price are correct.


    Premium page #2, is more descriptive of Premium, but also has clickable links in the text to allow for membership.


    Mailing address: (for check payment)
    Mutual Fund Observer, Inc.
    5456 Marquette Street
    Davenport, IA 52806

    Take care of you and yours,
  • Ralph: Go to current commentary. Page down & this will be at bottom of page.<MFO Premium

    Find an unparalleled array of risk metrics, fund screeners and correlation matrices at MFO Premium

    Click on & that will take you to another part where you need to page down to find the info you are looking for.

    Or at top of home page go to Support us.

    Hope this helps, Derf
  • Yikes on the price thing. Charles had raised the ante to $120 to cover the cost jump we were hit with but seems to have missed one piece of text! I'll write him now.
  • edited December 2019
    Yes, thank you! Corrected now. Caught most of them on both MFO Premium site and our main site, but this one slipped through. Love you guys.

    Here's link too to price increase announcement:

    Premium Site Updates: Fund Fee Rating, Category Averages, and Subscription Price

    Heads-ups that I'm planning another webinar session. Will likely hold over couple day period in early January, probably after year end data drop. If you have any preference on day/time, please post.

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