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Getting Ready for pending TDA to Schwab transfer

1) Anyone has insider info on what happens if fund is NTF at TDA but not at Schwab?
2) TDA has 6 month holding policy on NTF funds or you have to pay fee. Does this apply to reinvested dividends. To be safe, I just turned them off.
3) Anything else?

I have an IRA. Wanted to make sure all fund I own in TDA account transfer over nicely to Schwab. BIVRX is my only holding Schwab does not offer NTF.

Thought would start this thread NOW rather than wait till the end.


  • edited January 11
    Bivrx is most definitely ntf at Schwab. I've been buying it for the past year ntf at Schwab in a regular brokerage account. I doubt there is anything not ntf at Schwab that's ntf at Ameritrade.
  • hmgodwin said:

    Bivrx is most definitely ntf at Schwab.ive been buying it for the past year ntf at Schwab in a regular brokerage account. I doubt there is anything not ntf at Schwab that's ntf at Ameritrade.

    Okay, I could have sworn the same too, but...
    If you can please go to this link

  • At that link, it says that it is no transaction fee under the the fund facts and fees tab.
  • What Schwab says when placing a test order:

    1. This BUY order will be executed 01/13/2020.
    2. This buy order does not have a transaction fee.
    3. This buy order will be subject to a short term redemption fee if redeemed within 90 days.
    4. This fund has a 1 % redemption fee if sold within 60 days.

    A wild guess, with nothing to substantiate it, is that perhaps it is not marked as NTF because the fund is not paying Schwab the full fee it charges for NTF/OneSource marketing. But it is still paying Schwab some amount for shelf space, and Schwab for whatever reason is still selling it without charging a transaction fee.
  • beebee
    edited January 11
    Another consideration is to check to see if your funds are going to be transferred "in kind" because if the fund that you own at TD presently isn't transferred in kind it may be closed on Schwab's side and therefore you won't have access to it going forward.
  • @bee, I kinda assumed they will manage transfer in kind. I mean even Scottrade to TDA they did that. I have way higher hopes with Schwab. I was extremely distressed when TDA bought Scottrade. Now I'm very happy Schwab bought TDA, the assumption being the resulting company will be more like Schwab and nothing like Ameritrade.

    E*Trade and Ameritrade I viewed as bad companies. It is good neither survive.
  • @hmgodwin. I normally rely on the "No Load" and "No Fee" white on green graphic squares which you will see for other funds. Those do not show for BIVRX. Good if you are right.
  • I was also distressed that TDA bought Scottrade, so distressed that I immediately began partial account transfers to my other brokerages. I wanted to avoid a financial Dunkirk by rescuing my funds from TDA !
  • All my funds were transferred "in kind" from Scottrade to TD, including funds such as, DHSTX and LSIIX, which are not available at TD. I am hoping this will be the same procedure at Schawb.
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