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What do you do after Nov election

'The ballot box is important, but your investment goals, dreams and aspirations are more important. So stay diversified, stick with your plan and it won’t matter who gets elected in November. You can still be a winner.'


  • Drink, as usual. Because I don't plan to touch my investments much if any after an election (as usual, too.)
  • The only difference this time is the pendulum could swing hard from pro to anti-business. But I generally agree to stay the course. Something will trigger a market downturn at some point in time.
  • anti-business? seriously?
  • @davidrmoran - yeah, I just didn't want to get into that inane conversation again.
  • In answer to the original question - same thing I'm doing now. Follow the plan.
  • just can't fathom what you mean --- what would that consist of? closing tax loopholes? ending tariffs? reinstating safety and health and enviro regs? carbon taxation? what?
  • @davidrmoran - what I was trying to say was that I had the same reaction as you to Gary's statement but I took a pass. Sorry for any confusion.
  • edited January 13
    how elections will impact market after 2020

    get your beers/ favorite wines/kleenex and guns ready
    many people will start taking zoloft

    lots crying 11/10/2020
    lots people laughing 11/10/2020

    Many will SHORTS the dows/ DJI
    or just keep dca and buy lifecycles/add over time quaterly/monthly until 2045, you will be ok 2045...unless global warming or ww3 kills everyone

    probably similiar predictions Oct 2016
  • edited January 13
    Re: “What do you do after Nov election” : I wasn’t going to comment on this one - idiotic as the title sounds. But I’d like to point out that JohnN did not copy/paste the full title of the article (and he should have).

    Here’s the full title: Ken Morris: What will you elect to do with your investments after November?

    That puts a different emphasis on the question - namely identifying the article as somewhat investment related. But I still think it’s an idiotic concept. The global economy will grind on, far outlasting any one candidate or ideology. @Mark is spot-on that one shouldn’t feel obligated to do anything with their investments either in anticipation of or as a result of the election. Stick to the plan.

    BTW: Here’s what the “experts” were predicting about one month before the last Presidential election:

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