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The next recession won't be triggered by housing market crash

edited January 13 in Off-Topic

The next recession won't be triggered by housing market

The Next Recession Won't Be Triggered by a Housing Market Crash: Economist.

The Fed's recession risk model has downgraded, but this economist says record consumer credit and household debt will crash the economy soon.

Famed economist and global financial market consultant David Rosenberg expects household debt to spark the next recession.
Terrifying consumer credit and auto loan data are a colossal debt bubble in plain sight. They’re on the verge of crashing the economy.
$16 trillion in household debt and soaring auto debt puts Americans in a precarious position to weather headwinds and shocks.


  • The issue I see with this forecast is that something would have to trigger consumers from paying their debt, such as losing a job, which would be because of a downturn in a company's performance. Which comes first, the chicken or egg?
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