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This was the best strategy for picking stocks the last 10 years

This was the best strategy for picking stocks the last 10 years

Picking stocks with high dividend yields was the best strategy for investors over the last decade, Bank of America said.
Low interest rates and steady economic growth made dividend stocks attractive, even the riskier ones with the highest yields.
The strategy would not have worked in 2019, when the S&P 500 outperformed high yielding stocks.

Wonder if this would work next 30 yrs...


  • There's only one sure way to find out. Nobody knows the future.
  • One of the things about buying good dividend paying stocks (or mutual funds) is that they have to have earnings inorder to keep paying dividends. With this, Old_Skeet has two sleeves of good dividend paying mutual funds. One consist mostly of domestic funds while to other has more of a global orientation including some exposure to emerging markets. These two sleeves combined make up 15% of Old_Skeet's overall portfolio.
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    What if one chose Growth?


    Note: FDGRX is closed, but a good representation of the sector
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