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Addressing the risk of overpriced markets

Emma Morgan: Addressing the risk of overpriced markets
By Portfolio Adviser, 20 Jan 20

Risk is very much wrapped up with the price you pay for an asset so, as long as prices are elevated, writes Emma Morgan, investors should tread carefully


  • edited January 23
    Was a UK ARTICLE

    Best way combat maybe have a diversed portfolioplan and monitor carefully as most MFO members are doing routinely
  • Articles in The Economist and the Financial Times are also UK articles. That doesn't make them of less interest to US investors. It's only when they discuss specific foreign securities and that fact is not flagged up front that readers can feel misled. That's not the case with this article, which offers general observations.

    Sure it mentions UK politics: "greater clarity regarding a potential Brexit outcome (following Boris Johnson’s convincing victory in the UK election)". But it puts that in a global context: "this sent shares to record highs in many parts of the world." It even mentions "the US Federal Reserve’s policy reversal."

    So don't worry just because a publication is not based in the US. But do try to take a quick glance through an article, and think twice about posting if, say, all it talks about are UK gilts or perpetual bonds.
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