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5 of the Top Hedge Funds in 2020

edited January 24 in The Bullpen

5 of the Top Hedge Funds in 2020
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What do the world's top hedge funds look like? The obscure corner of Wall Street has long been insular, inaccessible, and almost entirely disconnected from the individual investor. No matter, the field has still been romanticized and played up in Hollywood and the media for years on end.

Here's a look at five of the top hedge funds in the world and the strategies they utilize:

1. Renaissance Technologies (Medallion fund). In the ultra-competitive, dog-eat-dog world of Wall Street, it's awfully hard to be the best. It's even tougher to stay at the top. For decades on end now, one fund has quietly crushed the market by margins so large they'd make Warren Buffett blush.

2. Bridgewater Associates. Bridgewater Associates is the biggest hedge fund in the world, managing about $160 billion in investor money. Founded by Ray Dalio out of his apartment in 1975, the company shares some similarities with Renaissance – most importantly, the principle of building up massive troves of data and allowing an algorithm to make investment decisions
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