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cash alternative funds

With Cd's soon to be 1% or lower, we need to discuss the best cash alternative funds.

Last cycle, RPHYX and then ZEOIX were heros. RPHYX has been soso for the past 1 yr while ZEOIX has kicked butt (maybe because they had some high quality but junk type short term bonds like Lions gate).

IOFIX has been a monster; have added to the PAIAX and the Angel Oak ultrashort as well recently.

Anyone have other suggestions + maybe what ratio they'd put in each of those going forward for a 2-3% absolute return.



  • Great topic. Thanks for starting it. I'm looking at DHEIX as a steady eddy. But to be quite honest with these volatile moves I haven't pulled the trigger on any of these. I'm just keeping money in my Schwab money market and waiting. How do we know if any of these funds are really safe when you have the 10 year hitting .5% for the first time ever. And that's a week after it hit 1%. I'd love to hear others thoughts.
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    Currently, the three cash like funds that Old_Skeet uses are AMAXX, PCOXX and TTOXX which are all money market mutal funds plus I have a CD Ladder. Then I move into my fixed income funds with my three best performing thus far this year are FLAAX, JGIAX and TSIAX.

    I've got PINCX on my watch list as it has really kicked butt being up 5.71% through Friday's market close. I believe another poster (FD1000) has noticed and mentioned PINCX as well in their thread. In addition, I remember when Jeffrey Saut was with Raymond James he touted this fund along with it being one of his holdings. I wonder if he still owns it? Putnam's tag line about this fund reads ... "Pursuing income with an all-weather bond portfolio since 1954."
  • DBLSX has been very steady during this correction. It yields around 3%.
  • jpst i also have bought. it's been great except today.
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    My favorite cash alternative is TRBUX. I also like DLSNX and SEMRX. (I can't get most of the funds mentioned above.) But as Mike hints at are even these safe havens safe any more? We'll see how they settle tonight.
  • jpst usually has a bid/ask of 0.01; today in the AM it was 0.20 and apparently saw $46!
  • Why even take the chance on any of those funds?

    What is your return going to be over Tbills or cash or a FDIC insured money market fund looking 3-6-12 months out? Is it worth it?

    If this virus takes hold in the US and as we test for more cases and the media continues to frighten the heck out of the general public...if it continues like that by end of H1, it is very likely that many companies will lay off workers...first you will have travel freeze, then hiring freeze, then near the end of a disasterous quarter, the VP HR will work executive mgmt to create a punch list of personnel who will be exiting from the company....many folks have leveraged up and stretched to buy crappy over priced homes, I see it in the large metro area where I live...I wonder for how long some of those folks would be able to make pay their monthly note if they lost their income, regardless of if they can refinance at 0% interest...lot of debt everywhere you look...

    ...and as I replied to one of DTs bond you really trust the rating agencies...what do these bond funds hold? What happens if no one wants to buy the bond the fund is selling? Rating agencies are in bed with the companies they rate so that they get the business...

    All just my opinion and just for entertainment value.

    Stay healthy and good luck,

    Baseball Fan

  • very valid opinion Baseball fan.
  • Why dont consider att bonds better yield good ratings. Maybe have to be longer for maturity
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