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Trading has stopped

Down 1844
break out powder, Derf


  • I'll hold onto my powder a while longer.

    I don't think Mr. Market is worried about Bernie Sanders these days. And he doesn't seem convinced that the Fed can make a bit of difference.
  • For me the downside for day's like this (beside the painfully obvious) is that one only has a 50-50 chance on guessing what the next day(s) will bring. You will have no really reliable information on whether or not to add money to your conviction mutual funds toward the close or wait to see it play out over the following days. As tempting as it is add all at once I'll probably ration it out.
  • Wonder how many companies are buying back their stocks today ??
  • Returned from daily read & would like to add some additional info as per WSJ.
    YTD closing as of Friday show value being a bigger loser across the board, (large-mid-& small cap). I thought this would perform in just the opposite way , as Growth has been the big winner so to speak in the last number of years. Thus farther to fall .

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