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Harvard Indirectly Holds Nearly $100,000 Worth of Stocks in Tobacco Companies

Harvard Indirectly Holds Nearly $100,000 Worth of Stocks in Tobacco Companies

The Harvard Management Company indirectly holds an estimated $98,265.08 worth of shares through exchange-traded funds which include tobacco companies, an industry Harvard divested from in 1990, according to The Crimson’s analysis of HMC’s public filings to the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • ooh, of their nut, a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a tenth ....
  • Oh no, the world is coming to an end.
  • edited March 11
    Not to the subject, and @davidrmoran is more aware of this; but Harvard is closing it's doors as of March 15. All students to vacate as they would at the end of term. Pack it up and leave, no exceptions.
    So, the "smoke them if you've got them" doesn't mean much right now from an investment perspective, eh?
  • lots of schools are doing this

    yesterday's word - containment

    today's words - flattening the curve

    tomorrow's - dig your own grave now
  • As Boris Johnson explained a week ago:
    1. Containment
    2. Delay (so that resources will be less stressed)
    3. Research
    4. Mitigate

    (I was in London watching this on the BBC at the time. Compared to the US, Johnson was very clear, though like the orange one, he kept describing the government's performance as fantastic. At least the UK government wasn't sending out mixed messages.

    He also described the possibility of calling up retired NHS workers to help out. And I watched the House of Lords discuss how to assist those required to stay at home, including those on public assistance.)
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