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RSIVX prospects

Should have acted on Mr. Snowball's musings. What are the chances RSIVX will recover its YTD losses by EOY?


  • Hi, VF!

    I'm not sure what Mr. Sherman might be permitted to say, but I'll ask.

    In general, I wouldn't make surprised if some of these are mark-to-market losses; that is, he might be holding a bond that (a) he intends to hold to maturity but that (b) he'd sell at a loss if he chose to sell now. At least that's been true before.

    I'll share what I hear.

  • edited March 14
    Glanced back a few hours ago on Yahoo & showed -.33 (?) YTD
  • That is, I believe, RPHYX.
  • Maybe I should try another site ? So much for Yahoo finance !! Schwab shows rsivx -7.49 % YTD.
  • There's a conference call at 5:30 EDT today:

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