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Macy’s Closing All Stores Thru March 31 Due to Virus

edited March 17 in Off-Topic

Macy’s has been closing stores for years as competition from online retailers like Amazon bite into their bottom line. Still, the thought of their flagship Herald’s Square location in NYC shuttering even temporarily is very sad. NYC has many unique attractions. As a sometimes visitor to the city, this huge eloquently antiquated old store almost always warrants a visit. It even sports some classic wooden escalators - probably from the ‘50s - still operating. Hundreds, if not thousands, of workers will be affected at this location alone. If you haven’t been in this store before, you can’t begin to imagine its size.



  • Why is March 31 such a magic date? Who are they kidding?
  • Can’t tell the difference. No one has been at their stores for a long time.
  • Howdy folks,

    They were talking about which retailers are in trouble but we can all take a guess. Brick and mortar stores with minimal online and delivery services . . . toast. That would lead with Sears and Penny's but I'd include Macy's and every mall in America.

    We're shifting, per force, from a F2F economy to a virtual one and it's going to be brutal for some. Alas and alack.

    and so it goes,


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