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California governor issues statewide stay-at-home order

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California's 40 million population is not quite as big as Italy's 60 million, but this is arguably America's most important state.



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    Thanks Lewis.

    Grim and grimmer. Michigan’s governor has closed schools, restaurants, bars and, as I learned yesterday, fitness centers. (Trying to punch a bicycle through a left-over snow drift while trying to maintain health and physical conditioning is no picnic!)

    Unmentioned is the toll on the human psyche. Much will be written at some point about the effect of locking people in their homes or confining communities for long periods. Some signs in the local papers that domestic violence is increasing - which one would expect.

    Governments are throwing money out there. But not a problem money can solve.

    Video: Gov Newsom making the announcement -
  • Public schools and universities are closed in California. kids living in dorms have to vacate. Class instruction has gone online. What a mess!
  • Everything is closed here in NYS too. My whole social life was the local diner for lunch, and to a bar maybe one night a week.

    No more. I'm not sure how this is going to end.
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