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PIMCO on mortgage-based securities

I posted this information also in the IOFIX thread but thought it might merit a thread of it's own. For those who are interested:

If you would just like to see the PIMCO blog report: PIMCO's blog Insight Report

For further discussion on mortgage backed securities you might want to give this M* community discussion a look.

PIMCO says mortgage-backed securities are cheap

Also a good discussion of what has been happening in mortgage bond land lately by Lou Barnes at Premier Mortgage Group:

Mortgage Credit News March 20, 2020


  • Thank you very much for posting it, very informative!
  • You're welcome. I'm glad you found value there.
  • Yes, thanks Mark. I share Mr. Barnes view that we will get through this, but after last week, I believe things will get worse first. Not looking forward to the market moves on Monday. And, yes too, I think MBS is on-sale like many assets right now. c
  • C - we don't have a like button but consider yourself clicked. I've been enjoying your commentary as well.
  • Thanks for sharing. The question becomes which to buy. By my evaluation prior to the shock DHEIX and SEMMX were low risk short term MBS funds but both have gotten hit. dheix is still "only"down 5.6% for year
  • edited March 22
    I'm still trying to sort it out Mike, and frankly I see no reason to rush until the smoke has cleared. "Only down" is hardly reassuring and I know you didn't mean it that way. I'm content to let Mr. Price show me the way as always.
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