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come on, you gotta write *something* today

I think JBarro is usually not dopy, but man, this is really something to have typed:


  • From the link:
    Since I don’t think I can outsmart the market, my usual investing strategy is just to take the money I don’t need to use right now and park it in low-fee, broad-market equity index funds; set it and forget it, knowing the equity markets are likely to be a lot higher when I retire than they are now. At least that was my approach until the Friday before last, when I sold about a third of my stock funds.
    Seems to me that the better time to rebalance, and raise a little cash, is when the picture is rosier than it is now. That's hard to do. So I tend to take a look at things in December and July.
    Alas, I used the money I took out of the stock funds and bought bond funds, which has been an unfortunate choice so far. The idea was to diversify my risks by buying something that would not move in line with the stock market
    I wanted to feel myself asserting control over some kind of risk in a world that has become much scarier than it was a few weeks ago, and I found an opportunity to do so in my brokerage account. It made me feel a little better. At least until bond prices started falling.
    I asserted control, and risked infection and death, going to a local nursery to buy plants for the garden.

    Does this guy typically cover markets and investing?
  • no, thankfully, but econ and policy; father is an econ
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