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Podcast: Your Crash Course in the Fed's Coronavirus Policy

Business Casual from the Morning Brew:

Your Crash Course in the Fed's Coronavirus Policy
Art Goldsmith economics professor at Washington and Lee University

Francis Scialabba
We did our very best to explain how the Fed is responding to the economic crisis. But sometimes...with a topic as important as this you just gotta call in the experts. Washington and Lee University economics professor Art Goldsmith is that expert.

We invited him on Morning Brew's Business Casual podcast to explain what the Fed's actions mean for your day-to-day, from getting a mortgage to choosing a bank. He also gives a master class on how Fed policy works, why it exists in the first place, and what we can expect from central bankers as COVID-19 derails the business world.

This may be the most important Business Casual episode yet. It's also a reunion: Goldsmith was Business Casual host Kinsey Grant's econ professor in college.

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