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Funds revealing a "less bad" Downside?

edited March 25 in Fund Discussions
In review of some of my mutual fund holdings I was surprised that PRMTX "has only" fallen 12% (-11.82%) YTD. Compared to my conservative fund, VWINX (-12.86%) and my two moderately allocated, PRWCX (-18.35%) and BRUFX (-17.45%); I was pleasantly surprised.

Any surprises in your holdings?


  • As @MikeM pointed out MGGPX. I would also add VLAAX to that list.
  • Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) has held up amazingly well, better than many balanced funds.
  • Hey @Bee I would add AKREX, APGAX , CPOAX, and ARTYX. I'm especially intrigued by CPOAX which showed up on MFO screens. Please let me know if anyone here has evaluated it. its a Dennis Lynch fund.
  • There are few bright spots. My low risk bond funds, VIPSX, VBILX, VSBSX, and VBTLX held up well. Other higher risk credit sector funds are all down. GLD and IAU did okay but volatile.
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