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Empty Nester Update

Or who knows if colleges start at fall online?

Anyways, I'm proud to report my younger will start majoring in Theatre on an art scholarship at Southern Methodist University in Dallas beginning this fall. 2020-2021 should be the only year I would have to deal with 2 college tuitions simultaneously since my elder will be a senior at UT next year (and it looks like she will graduate in 4 years)

I'm still blessed. Life is still good.


  • Hey thats great news ... for both your kids ... and, you.
  • Hard to do theater online.

    Is she into acting, design, or backstage?
  • We are in uncharted territory now with online learning. i understand Purdue University is planning to open in the fall term 2020. Hopefully the infection situation will be under control with the practice of social distancing and testing will be widely available.
  • WABAC said:

    Hard to do theater online.

    Is she into acting, design, or backstage?

    Thanks for asking. Both actually. She played the lead in "Annie" in middle school, but she's gravitated toward writing. Her play was selected in her high school senior year and she was selected to direct it. Of course, that's a big disappointment, now that it's not going to happen. Hopefully, college is not online in fall, then again opening up dorms is worrisome, so really don't what's going to happen.
  • Congratulations to her on the scholarship. I realized after I asked that they aren't going to give art scholarships to techies and crew types.

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