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Jim Cramers says remain cautious

edited May 21 in Off-Topic

Jim Cramer cautions investors to stay alert: We may not yet have seen the last of the economy contraction, job losses or stock declines.

Do you takes his advise to heart
think he is drinking too much coffee sometime. He is maybe right 50% of the time... Prob need to adjust portfolios - similar distributions mentioned here by MFO gurus to be on safe sides [10s% bonds/90s% stocks in ETFs/indexes]


  • I stopped listening to Cramer maybe 2-3 days after he first appeared on the scene. His madman sputtering and blubbering just didn't cut it for me. He's also no better or worse than any other alleged guru. Do your own research and follow your own best instincts.

  • If you're not always 'cautious' when investing, you're doing it wrong.
  • edited May 21
    Nothin against Cramer. Would probably enjoy having a beer with him. But this is show business - not serious investment advice.

    @JohnN - Why don’t you look-up what Cramer was saying 2 or 3 months ago when the markets were at record highs? Was he forecasting a 5,000 drop in the Dow? Was he urging everybody to sell back than?

    We all have different lamps by which we are guided (Thanks Patrick Henry). For me I watch U.S. stock index numbers for some sense of relative values. I look at the global regions / individual country numbers as well. So I’m much more optimistic now with the DJ 5,000 points lower than it was only recently. Noteworthy - The NASDAQ is still near its highs. The prevailing pessimism today is largely based on macro-economic factors and, to some degree, on p/e ratios which appear high. I’ve never found either of those very useful in making personal investment decisions. That may be because the “smart money” is far out ahead of me and their evaluations are already reflected in stock prices.

    *Might also be useful to dig up some of our own forecasts made here on the board in January / February.
  • Howdy folks,

    Cramer's in the class of 'talking heads' on the business channels. Best advice I ever received was from our Gary Smith years ago on a previous edition of the board. Always turn the volume OFF on the business channels and simply follow the tape. Pay attention to Captain Price.

    Most of them are cheer leaders (as is wont in any industry) and so many are speaking from position.

    As Mark said, follow your own advice.

    and so it goes,

    peace, and flatten the curve,

  • I enjoy Cramer, purely for entertainment value...and sometime get a gem or two during the process. As for CNBC, I like tuning into the Noon-1:00 banter, since that appears to be more timely information.
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