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COVID19 Brief news - study of 17 Millions with covid19, and update with Gilead/Remdesivir

edited July 10 in The OT Bullpen

Study of 17 million confirms factors that make COVID-19 more likely to kill

Risk factors associated with COVID-19 death, based on analyses of full pseudonymized health records of 17 million adults in England, are reported in Nature. The study provides detailed information on the size of the risk associated with various pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and obesity. Consistent with previous work, it also indicates higher risk of death from COVID-19 for men, older people and people with greater deprivation. Black and Asian people were also found to be at a higher risk of death; however, contrary to prior speculation, this increased risk was only partially attributable to pre-existing clinical risk factors and deprivation.

Summary - Higher associations
Older age [>80 years old highest death rates]
comorbid conditions [obesity, asthma, diabetes for instance]
environmental work [high exposure areas]
patient w/ chronic coronary/heart disease

Gilead says additional data on remdesivir shows improved clinical recovery

(Reuters) - Gilead Sciences Inc said on Friday additional data from a late-stage study showed its antiviral remdesivir significantly improved clinical recovery in severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Findings from an analysis of its late-stage study showed that 74.4% of remdesivir-treated patients recovered by Day 14 versus 59.0% of patients receiving standard of care, the company said.

Gilead shares were up nearly 2% at $76.14 before the bell.

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