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WHO chief scientist sees no herd immunity yet

edited July 24 in Off-Topic
The chief scientist at the World Health Organization estimates that about 50% to 60% of the population will need to be immune to the coronavirus for there to be any protective “herd immunity” effect. Herd immunity is usually achieved through vaccination and occurs when most of a population is immune to a disease, blocking its continued spread.

She says that to achieve herd immunity through natural infection, you need to have several waves and you will see the morbidity and mortality that we see now.


  • Its Winter down under and here's what may be in store for us in the US in 6 months:
    Deep into the Southern Hemisphere winter, Australia’s second-most populous city Melbourne is experiencing a virus resurgence that dwarfs its first outbreak back in March. The state of Victoria on Thursday reported a high of 723 new infections -- nearly 200 more than its previous record set a few days earlier.

    The surge epitomizes a disturbing pattern: that subsequent Covid-19 waves can be worse than the first, particularly when the conditions -- like people sheltering from colder weather in enclosed spaces -- are ripe for transmission. Epidemiologists, who have warned about a possible autumn resurgence in the Northern Hemisphere, are closely watching the situation in Australia.

    “The whole international community and WHO has been nervous,” said Linfa Wang, director of the program in emerging infectious diseases at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. “We always said the world will be watching very closely what happens in New Zealand and Australia in the Southern Hemisphere.”
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