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Stock Market Crash 2020: Welcome To The End Game / Intelligent Investing - Clem Chambers

edited September 11 in Other Investing
“The Nasdaq is on its final run and is going vertical, a classic end of bubble move. This is trader heaven and turns into speculator hell for those who think that markets do grow to the skies. It could go up a long way in price but it won’t go for long in time. It could last to Christmas, it could fold tomorrow, but my feeling is that unless this bubble is cut down by the Fed, the final move will be large and quick.”

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily subscribe to these views. I’m linking article for discussion purposes only. While not a technical analysis adherent or so skilled, I always enjoy reading technical analysis as yet one more way to understand both markets and market participants.


  • I always like the term chartists. There's really nothing "technical" about what they're doing.
  • WABAC said:

    I always like the term chartists. There's really nothing "technical" about what they're doing.

    Apologies for posting this one. Thought I had verified the date, but must have missed it. It is from July, 2020. And @WABC is right. This one doesn’t pretend to be tech analysis. Just a chart of the NASDAQ bubble going nearly straight up. Well, I suppose the recent downdraft partially confirms the author’s foreboding. However, I’m not sure it qualifies as a “crash” yet. Geez - what can you say? A dumb article. And from Forbes.
  • Emily Litella is my patron saint.
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