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2/nd wave of C-19

Appears to me ,with students hitting the books that the second wave is in progress. Will this have ant effect on Mr.Market or will the appearance of a near future vaccine negate this ?

A good week to all, Derf


  • The winter season is coming when human activities will be more indoor oriented which make the second wave situation worse. On top of that flu season is upon us too that will complicate the respiratory infection. The wise thing to do is take the flu vaccines now while continue to pay attention to the indoor activities. I hope that one or more effective COVID vaccines will help to slow down the infection by next spring. Perhaps the business and schools will reopen again.

    Many universities are running online only. Several that open and promptly closed due to high COVID cases within the first week. Kids are kids and they gather in large groups (frat houses are the worst), often without face covering.
  • Thank you. I read that teenager's brain are not fully developed until they reach 25 years old. So it is not surprising they would engage in large gatherings while most likely not wearing face covering. Not sure the administrators are aware of this. They are under a great deal of financial pressure to reopen the schools.

    University setting in lecture halls with > 100 students and in dorms are very challenging to practice social distancing effectively. For those who are in physical science and engineering are having hard time taking their laboratory classes. And there is no good substitute for hands-on learning.

    However, several countries including New Zealand, Taiwan, and Singapore are in much better situation where they have reopened their schools. Their death tolls is very small comparing to that of US.
  • Howdy folks,

    I too dread the 2nd wave. We've learned a lot and come a long way but still not practicing safety in sufficient quarters. The kids have been locked up all summer and now they're back in school and being kids. All age levels with college probably being the worse. Throw in an attempt at high school and college contact sports. Face to face schooling is going to be nigh impossible. Switch over to main street and the gyms and restaurants are all trying to open up for indoor operations as we approach fall and winter. The President is telling his supporters it will all go away they shouldn't wear a mask and the vaccine is on the way . . . and there are enough that believe him that the entire country is well and truly screwed.

    It's shaping up to be a hibernation winter.

    As for more positive news, we're now able to put better time parameters on this pandemic and it's lingering effects. Vaccines will probably start rolling out after the first of the year. The first ones will be so-so effective but the subsequent vaccines will get better. Vaccine development will be a dynamic process perhaps taking years. Throw in the fact that between the anti-vaxers and those that are doubting the 'warp speed' virus's safety and efficacy, and we won't see any sort of vaccination relief until the fall of 2021 at the earliest and perhaps until 2022. This is also when they might have better luck with face to face schooling.

    With all this cheery news, and while we have not yet booked, I'm tentatively looking at a Med cruise for spring of 2022. Indeed, we just sent in our passports to be renewed.

    and so it goes,

    peace and wear the damn mask,

    rono the optimist

  • Numerous southern hemisphere countries are reporting record low cases of influenza in their winter, perhaps due to masking, hand washing, social distancing, etc.
  • related -
    Vaccinations perspectives
    maybe too soon too early

    [but we may not have many options unless herd immunity happens]

    Up Is Down — Pharmaceutical Industry Caution vs. Federal Acceleration of Covid-19 Vaccine Approval
    List of authors.Jerry Avorn, M.D.,
    and Aaron S. Kesselheim, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.

    Nine pharmaceutical company leaders took the unprecedented step on September 8, 2020, of stating that they would refuse to apply for approval of a Covid-19 vaccine until adequate trial data are available.1 This announcement reflected an unusual role reversal at a time of unexpected regulatory anomalies. For decades, manufacturers have criticized the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for being too slow and demanding too much evidence before approving new products. But in the face of growing public concern that the federal government might push forward release of a Covid-19 vaccine despite inadequate evidence, these roles seem to have reversed.
  • I think it has arrived in Europe...

    And the winter is around the corner where people are gathering indoor. With face covering and social distance, this may suppress the infection when everyone actually practice that at the same time. Also it is a good idea to get the flu vaccine now.
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