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Where Bruce Berkowitz currently has the Fairholme Fund positioned

In case anyone still gives a hoot about FAIRX



  • Amazing that he still have investors. Never invest with him when Fairholme funds were the hottest thing. Soon they all crashed back to earth. One decent pick on his portfolio, BRKA. Not so much for the rest.

    Somehow he manages to live like a king in Florida. Guess he can afford that as long there are investors continue to follow him. Not me!
  • Didn't the Fairholme fund start out with like 30%+ Berkshire Hathaway in it's portfolio? I think his claim to fame in the early days was partly due to riding Buffet's coattails. Not totally of course.
  • That was the very same reason I did not want to invest with him since I already own BRKB. So today he is pulling out the old plays again, except that BRKA is no where as dominating as it was. I see little if any compelling reason to invest with him. I understand he got nice yachts in Florida.
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