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Bond Market Shows U.S. Is Leading In Race To Reflate The Economy

The U.S. is emerging as an early favorite in the all-out showdown to rekindle inflation in the world’s major economies.

With the Federal Reserve planning to hold interest rates near zero until at least 2023 and Congress working on another fiscal boost, a pocket of the debt market is starting to see consumer prices modestly over 2% in years to come. That’s in stark contrast to Europe where deflation fears have reawakened, and Japan, which has battled moribund price pressures for decades to no avail.


  • edited September 18
    Oil went negative on the futures market April 20. Since than, my commodity related funds have enjoyed a nice uptick. I long suffered with PRNEX, PRAFX. The first is still badly underwater YTD, but has perked up. The second is almost back to break-even for the year. Added BRCAX shortly after the oil crash and it’s been a smooth ride up ever since. That last one was really a “slum dweller“ when I picked it up. Very happy with the find. My builder who finally obtained enough lumber to begin constructing my new deck this week (on hold since March) tells me the price of lumber has “skyrocketed” over the summer.

    Real Asset funds comprise 10% of my static allocation. Rebalancing along the way has alleviated a bit of the suffering. I pulled my mining fund out of the “real asset” mix a month or so ago after the meteoric rise this year, but bought back in on a recent dip and now hold a smaller % (OPGSX) within the “speculative” category.

    Nice to hear the U.S. is leading the world in something.

  • US leads the world on COVID-19 death cases, 197,407!

    The cases will go much higher now that the winter is coming.
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