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Artisan Partners Announces Beini Zhou and Anand Vasagiri Are Joining the Firm

edited September 18 in Fund Discussions

4 September 2020

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Artisan Partners announced today the addition of Beini Zhou and Anand Vasagiri as portfolio managers on the Artisan Partners International Value Team. Mr. Zhou and Mr. Vasagiri will be co-portfolio managers of the forthcoming Artisan International Small Cap Value Strategy, which is expected to launch in October 2020.

The new strategy represents a natural extension for the International Value team as it leverages the International Value strategy’s existing investment philosophy and process. David Samra will serve in an advisory capacity to Mr. Zhou and Mr. Vasagiri for the new strategy.

Prior to joining Artisan, Mr. Zhou was at Matthews Asia, where he was a portfolio manager for the Asia Value and Emerging Markets Equity Funds and co-portfolio manager for the Asia Small Companies Fund. Before joining Matthews Asia, Mr. Zhou worked as a research analyst at Artisan Partners on the Global Value team from 2005 to 2013, at that time working with David Samra and Daniel O’Keefe.

Mr. Vasagiri was previously a co-portfolio manager of the Global Small/Mid Cap portfolio at Paradice Investment Management. Before joining Paradice, Mr. Vasagiri was also an analyst for the Artisan Global Value Team from 2007 to 2010.

Regarding Mr. Zhou’s and Mr. Vasagiri’s joining Artisan Partners, Mr. Samra said, “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Beini and Anand in the past. Both were highly capable analysts who became well-versed in our team’s philosophy and approach to international value investing and were natural candidates to ask to rejoin the team. I’m very pleased this partnership has come to fruition.”

Artisan Partners CEO Eric Colson added, “As a firm, we aim to reinvest in our first-generation franchises by increasing their degrees of freedom in a variety of ways—whether by expanding their range of client offerings or adding talent who can help expand it—all while capitalizing on the teams’ inherent strengths. We are excited for the opportunity to build upon our first-generation International Value franchise with this next-generation strategy, capably helmed by Beini and Anand.”


  • Hopefully the new Artisan fund will be more successful this time. At present there are not many international small cap value funds. Oakmark International Small Cap fund is way too volatile for my taste.
  • edited September 18
    Artisan Partners often has good management teams for their funds.
    However, the fund's expense ratios could be reduced.
    As Sven mentioned, there are not many options in the foreign small cap value category.
    This is an interesting development.

    P.S. - I missed an opportunity to invest in ARTKX before it closed in 2011. The Global Value team was divided in 2018 and Mr. O'Keefe left ARTKX to become the lead manager of ARTGX. ARTKX reopened earlier this year.
  • Agree that the Artisan management fee could be lower and seldom they lower the fees as asset grows. Granite Peaks funds also have above average fees. That is one of many reason ETFs and index funds grow at much faster pace than mutual funds.
  • A new fund from a top shop, with managers with a good track record elsewhere... this one is on my list to ponder, especially if its opening coincides with a dip.
  • It's probably not significant, but I wonder why these guys left Artisan previously and then decided to come back. FWIIW, I hold ARTRX, APFDX, and ARTYX. Maybe value will have its day in the sun.
  • BenWP said:

    Maybe value will have its day in the sun.

    I've been hoping that for the last 5 years...I've never been so wrong!

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