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The IRS is Outgunned

"The agency doesn’t have the resources to battle the tax lawyers of the ultrarich. Trump’s returns are just one example of how little the wealthy pay."



  • Yes, the IRS, SEC, etc. type agencies have a problem with the caps on pay. They cannot really compete for talent and/or do not have the resources to devote to single clients. I think we all understand how hard it is but most of us would like to see someone do something about at least some cheaters and liars. In the same vein, as the book title said, most of the IRS stuff is "Perfectly Legal" which is to say that, until the money part of elections can be solved, the law will continue to allow some people to do things the rest of us can hardly believe could happen in a democracy.
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    Funny how the rich get blamed for not paying more taxes. The IRS has nothing to do except collect taxes. Why is so little said about the scumbags in congress that set the tax code up the way it is? Biden has been involved in that for 47 years. Why can't you find any teferences to how much he has really done to change the tax code? Congressmen love to take care of the rich folks because they don't GAF about the regular folks like those that post here on MFO. Sure they like to say they care around election times. Just a thought.
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    That's rich @Gary1952. Biden is to blame for the tax code inequities. What he is asking for is the rich to pay their fair share. Are you trying to tell us that they do? Are you trying to say that only the democrats are responsible for the tax code?

    Oh and remind me, which party was in charge of the WH and both branches of congress when the last large tax cuts to the rich and corporations was passed?
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