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Where Fundamentals Meet Technicals: The Energy Sector


° The absolute highest-quality energy companies are interesting at bombed-out levels here.

° Enterprise Products Partners, EOG Resources, and Lukoil are some of the more interesting picks in my opinion.

° Fundamentals and technicals appear to align for a decent opportunity, if risks are managed well.

Lyn Alden Schwartzer at SA


  • Thanks for the link, Mark. Lyn Alden Schwartzer always strikes me as smart and thoughtful. I'm trying to swear off buying individual stocks, but EPD does look interesting.
  • Ms. Schwartzer strikes me the same way expatsp. Also if I only could have but one pick in the fossil fuels sector it would be EPD. Strong, consistent management without any of the drama.
  • The energy sector is taking a beating and down 40% YTD and the economy has recovered somewhat but far from the leve prior to the pandemic. The second wave of COVID cases as Dr. Fauci called it, has reached Europe and rising fast. Same is happening in US as the winter approaches. Patience is what it takes to invest for the next 12+ month for energy stocks and funds.

  • edited October 17
    Schwartzer makes a good case for mid-stream and the quality pick of EPD makes sense to me. My aversion to EPD relates to the Schedule K-1 they issue (See:

    Anyone who wants to consider a mid-stream investment without the Sch K-1 hassle might look at WMB or KMI. (I recently purchased some KMI and also own some RTLR which is more speculative. It also avoids the Sch K-1).
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