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  • bee October 23
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Fund Spy: Top HSA Providers of 2020

Fidelity continues to stand out as the best HSA for investing

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  • beebee
    edited October 23
    Funding your HSA with your IRA :
    A little-known rule buried deep on the IRS website presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for clients with a health savings account — the ability to make a contribution directly from an IRA.

    Although this one-time offer isn’t worth the effort for most clients, who’d be better off continuing to fund both accounts and collect dual tax breaks for doing so, there are a handful of situations where cash-strapped clients with high medical costs could really benefit from making the move and tapping tax- and penalty-free funds.
  • The correct link:

    As the article says, unless you're cash strapped and have medical costs exceeding what's in your HSA (plus taxable cash) is this worth considering.

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