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How do you spell “Banana”?

edited October 22 in Off-Topic
“During a live phone-in on Fox Business, Donald Trump complained again that not enough of his political enemies have been arrested – and said attorney general Bill Barr could find himself in “a sad situation” if he doesn’t start rounding them up ... The president’s rambling and ill-tempered interview with Maria Bartiromo on Thursday saw him run through a long list of his usual grievances, but he was particularly rancorous on the subject of supposed Obama-era “crimes” against him for which he wants to see his predecessor indicted, along with Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and many others.

If Tump loses the election, might he have Biden jailed and, hence, unable to attend the Inauguration? Seems pretty far fetched. But with nearly 2.5 months from election to Inauguration .....?

Edit 10/22 - Today’s WP says insiders in the Trump administration expect him to fire both AG Barr and FBI Director Wray right after the election because both refuse to do his bidding re bringing indictments against Biden and other Democrats. Some may recall that he fired AG Jeff Sessions the day after the 2018 Congressional elections.
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