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Short List Of Defensive Funds - Charles Bolin

Seven conservative mutual funds and one exchange-traded fund are evaluated for defensive performance. The shortlist of funds is TMSRX, HSTRX, GAVIX, ADVNX, AEDNX, COTZX, FIXD, and SUBFX.

These funds were selected from my last article on Seeking Alpha and shortlisted based on Portfolio Visualizer optimization, Mutual Fund Observer risk-adjusted performance, composition, and recent performance.

Top-ranked funds, based on metrics from Mutual Fund Observer, for mutual funds from Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, and other companies, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds are updated.


  • Another timely post. I am looking at more "defensive" funds as places to invest monies from equity rebalancing, as well as an alternative for some bond $$$. I'm using SWAN, and TMSRX thus far, considering others from Charles Lynn's list for next choices, along with DRSK.
    Looking forward to seeing other's thoughts.
    Best regards,
  • In this latest article, I notice Mr Bolin no longer lists TMSRX as a fund he owns.
  • @DavidF
    That was an oversight on my part. TMSRX remains one of my largest holdings.
    Best Regards,
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