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The saying is something like; excess,margin,cash with find a place to play.....

edited February 18 in Fund Discussions
Well, I'll discover what becomes of these indicators some time Tuesday morning.
Note: I've checked these links periodically over several years and have not seen "all green" (as I write) for Global Markets.

FINVIZ futures (11pm, EST)

Global Markets Overview (11pm EST)

Informational purposes only :)

Good Evening,


  • edited February 19
    Huh, silly markets. The Monday night (link,1st post) for Global Markets now reflects this Thursday night (Feb. 18) and at 11pm, EST. 'Course, the Monday night link was "green" for the vast majority of the markets. Tonight is vast majority "red".

    Global Markets Overview

    The only valid takeaway for me, is that there is a lot money traveling about.
    Well, anyway; take a peek if you choose.

    Good evening,

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