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Best 12 Month TSP Return: 78%

edited May 1 in Fund Discussions

Best 12 Month TSP Return: 78%
One TSP Fund now has a 12-month rate of return of 78%. Here is an update on the performance of all of the TSP funds for April 2021.

C and S fund doing extremely well...
No changes in our distributions in tsp past 12 yrs
85s% stocks 15s% bond cash


  • It is the "the S fund has a rare return rate of 78%". The S fund tracks Vanguard Extended market index fund, VEXAX, which is mid-cap stock index.
  • An investment advisors dream proposal for a new client at this time. To the potential client, "if one had only purchased at or near the bottom of a particular sector last March or April."

    Fun times with numbers right now, eh?

    Check the 52 week return on this global etf list.
  • Thanks for the link. South Korea and Taiwan are leading the pack. At the height of pandemic in March last year, few funds or ETFs are in black. What a turnaround!
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